1st Style Italiano Endodontics Forum - Poland

9th June 2018 - Łódź, Poland

Ist Forum Style Italiano Endodontics in Poland

What is Style Italiano Endodontics?

Feasible, teachable and repeatable – this is the Style Italiano Endodontics recipe for successful dental treatments.

Time is a scarce resource in every dental office, hence idea to develop simplified techniques that enable every dentist to obtain impressive results. Their practical suggestions are based on clear and precise ideas that help dentists face their own daily challenges in their dental office.

All concepts have three common features:

What are the benefits of using Style Italiano Endodontics?

Style Italiano Endodontics has the mission of setting excellence standards while simplifying protocols in this vast world of Endo, by the full understanding and respect of biology, of the all time concepts and specially for the contemporary findings. With precise rules, methods and instruments we have many messages to deliver in this new era of simplification for excellence. With our team of experts we are constantly working to do so……

Eksperts Style Italiano Endodontics:

Filipo Cardinali
Enrico Cassai
Fabio Gorni
Grzegorz Witkowski

Why is it worth participating?

  • This is the first such Style Italiano Endodontics event
  • You will meet the best experts in the field of endodontics
  • You will learn the feasible, teachable and repeatable recipes for successful treatments
  • You will exchange experiences with other participants
  • You will gain practical knowledge that you apply immediately in your practice

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